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The last bit of weed left in the corner of a plastic sandwich bag, often composed of tiny marijuana leaves, small stems, and a bit of powdery kief.

Due to it being so deep in the corner of the bag, removing corner shot with fingers from the inside is often impossible. Corner shot usually has to be scrounged by pushing the contents into a piece from the outside of the bag, turning the corner inside-out.

Corner shot is usually insufficient to get anyone high by itself, so it is best utilized as a booster "shot" to top off a hearty bowl. Even so, corner shot is often used as a last resort for teenage stoners or lazy unemployed people who lack the connections or funds to attain more weed.
Damn Carl, we're out of weed!

Ehhhhh, don't worry boys, I found some old corner shot we can smoke before we eat this butter bread.
by Carl Sedin November 06, 2010
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