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Corner Monorner
/cóór-nor - mónóurnerr/

1. An expression used to identify the paradox in which multiple people, objects, or events involved in a synchronized action contemporaneously perform the same task (with a set beginning, duration, and ending point ) yet somehow complete the task at a different time in relation to one another.

2. A bad ass thing

3. You live and learn, easy come easy go.

4. Anything your heart desires

5. A small sweet bear

6. palatial regalia

Corner Monorner

1. The act of being and saying best thing ever to utter out loud

Origin- After traffic collision investigation class, looking for whiskey, vanilla coke, and ice.
"our days are so Corner Monorner." " Corner Mononer floorner gournor pournerr"
by bertywho July 11, 2016
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