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A behemoth, vicious worm-like leviathan. It is known to dwell in corn fields, and particularly in corn-field mazes.

The creature lies in wait, slithering slowly between corn stalks, out of site. Stealthy, agile, nearly invisible, it can swallow numerous people whole before any one of them notices their oncoming demise.

Often incorrectly thought of as a fairy tale, myth or rumor. The worldwide death count for corn worm-related fatalities is estimated at 200 or more per year.
Tony: "Hey, Rick. Let's go through the corn maze."

Rick: "No, man. Don't even joke around. Remember what happened to Tina?"

Tony: "Come on, man. No such thing as a corn wo--"

*a Corn Worm attacks, killing them both*
by BewareTheCornWorm October 16, 2009
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