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Australian WILDlife presenter; Critter and Conservation Crusader; Down right LEGEND; Snake King: Wild and Untamed; Loads of fun; Brave; Rugged outdoor male; Reptilian; Sexy; Enthusiastic; Cute; Funny; Courageous; Bold; Strong; Hot; Sweet; a Darling; Wonderful; Crazy; Childlike; Sincere;Educator;Motivated; Passionate; Loving; Caring; naughty; Artistic;Handsome; silly bugger; Talented.. everything in the one hot legendary package!
-doing a Corey Wild: being legendary

-I just chucked a Corey Wild: I was just being one hell of a legend

- Corey Wilded: the act of turning into a legend

-You are looking very Corey Wild there... you are looking all rugged and handsome

- COREYAGEOUS: the act of being extra courageous and having the courage to do what you love and following your dreams despite the Steve Irwin comparisions!!

-I just went into the bush and went all Corey Wild: I just had a kick-ass time, being 'corEYageous' and enthusiastic about loving wildlife and nature whilst looking all rugged and handsome at the same time
by awesomemilly February 18, 2010
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