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noun- When someone confidently makes such a ridiculous lie up that everyone in the room is just waiting to pounce and call them on the bullshit. Usually upon the call of the bluff the storyteller will continue to dig himself deeper into the lie.
Corey Story: Arnold Swartzenager was a huge porn star before he became famous. How do you think he got started?

Everyone in room: Uh I think you're full of shit man. I think we would've heard of that if that were true.

Corey Story: No man I'm 100% positive. He did a lot of scenes. I thought everyone knew that. It's a known fact that he was a porn star. Duh!

Everyone: We've just googled it and you're full of shit.

Corey Story: No man it's totally true I read it somewhere.

Everyone: No you didn't. You made it up. You lose. Shut the fuck up.
by July 15, 2009
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