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A street punk band based out of New Haven, CT. They're not nationalists like the loser who even put them on here in the first place, and they don't look down on anyone for fashion. They were a band singing about drinking and realization of the shit world around them. The lyrics were often mis-interpreted seeing as how Todd served time in the military, and such was the basis for 2 of the song titles ('We Will Never Rest' and 'Don't Look Back'). They've played over 100 shows in the U.S. and are currently broken up.

THEY WERE NOT PRO WAR, NATIONALISM, FASCISM, OR NAZISM. Get off their fuckin' nuts, and see for yourself.

2 Albums out now on and CD/Vinyl

"Fuckin' OI!"
"Copyright Chaos has a bad rep, but it's pretty much all hype. They kick ass!"
"Forget the loser who typed the first definition of Copyright Chaos, he has a 1 1/4 inch penis (hard)"
by Bust It! April 01, 2009
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A generic and mediocre Oi/Street punk band from Connecticut. They typically write about driving drunk, anarchy as well as a nihilistic theme. And they fail to recognize that songs about anarchy and nihilistic views butt heads with their strong sense of nationalism.

Copyright Chaos are fashion punks as well. They attract other fashion punks.
Dude why the fuck does Copyright Chaos have an anarchy symbol in their logo? Aren't they all right wing nationalists?

Let's go burn some American flags in front of Copyright Chaos and watch them flip out.

That 18 inch green mohawk will definately get you in with the chaos crew
by pay to play April 10, 2008
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