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When you have no weed left and you're really desperate you can cop for X amount of weed. (normally a set->7)

Copping for 7 is the action of letting a police officer touch your penis with a single index finger for a preset amount of time agreed among the two parties in return for marijuana.

Normally a 1 second touch is equal to a gram , therefore 7 seconds equals 7 grams, but this is subject to change as inflation rises and weed prices vary.

To signal an officer the buyer normally puts his arm up and lifts an index finger showing that they are up to cop.

In rare events police officers will ask people if they would like to cop for some weed but this is rare seeing as cops want to keep the weed they've confiscated all day to themselves
yo man were outta weed we're gonna have to cop for 7

Fuck! that cop fucked me, he gave me 3gs and he was copping for at least 20 seconds
by parkex October 09, 2011
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