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Coos County is a County in Oregon particularly known to be the home of Coos Bay and North Bend. Here you are destined to find a plethora of either overweight, white trash families, or skinny meth induced criminals. There really are no "in between normal people." If you move here and are normal, the craziness of the area starts to overcome your everyday thoughts and actions. Soon enough it will consume you and you will turn you into a drug dealin' son of a bitch.

Everyone in this area is obsessed with Steve Prefontaine. The High School continues to get support from Nike because he attended Marshfield High School, located in Coos Bay. But if you really look at his life, you will find that he was also an alcohol induced normal citizen of Coos County, the only difference is that he could run. Well, Coos County swallowed him whole.
"Hey, John, I am considering moving to Coos County."

"No don't do it, I hear the people there are running rampant with Meth babies and diseases."

"Oh, you're right, thanks to Urban Dictionary, I now know I should not move there.
by The world link. com March 07, 2011
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