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A generic farming town, being one of the many little cities scattered like grains of sand across the rural areas of western Michigan. Nothing unique here! The farm town is the most well-known for being the most liberal Democrat stronghold in all Ottawa County. Everything here is bigger, including egos! The town's most notable achievement? Having its school district drawn into a federal lawsuit for five million dollars. This involved varsity baseball players being violated in a locker room. This was enough to make headline news in the year of 2007. The town's active and still bathing in its own agriculture industry since day one. A museum was constructed in 2009 in dedication to this memory in its primary industry that unfortunately, no one attends. The school claims to have such a great education and a broad wide array of topics so vast and rich, which is true for this regional area, considering. Students in town make hikes and journeys dodging vehicles at stoplights and road walks to make their way there every morning!
Welcome to Coopersville! The only thing better than the education is our love for Barack Obama & Bernie Sanders is our VAST DIVERSITY!
by God_Bless_Coopersville May 14, 2018
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A place where the school is poor and the whores run free. Another name for frozen hell. a place with no malls, and a fat guy who wears shorts in the winter.
Man its coopersvillen in here.
by Neon_fro December 11, 2004
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a place where there are country boys and wanna be gansters...Also where some girls are whores that sleep with everyone like bonnie boggs. But a place where there are also very nice girls and guys. Also known as a bonnie whole... meaning trash in areas.
Have you seen coopersville in the past week it is turning into a bonnie hole
by 763slover April 15, 2009
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A small town located in western Michigan. It is best know for for being the conservative stronghold of Ottawa County, and the Lemon family. The towns most notable accomplishment is Coopersville's 68th. Avenue being voted National Geographic's "Smelliest Stretch of Road" in 2006-2011 due to the fact that it runs between a landfill that smells as if it was built on top of an inland lake, and a functioning cow farm. The town is active in the agriculture industry, that the town decide to construct the Coopersville Farming Museum in 2009. In the unlikely event that you wish to visit the Farming Museum, a visit to Coopersville High School will make for an appropriate substitute. It will offer the same smells and information, as well as wide array of teenage males that still think that show Beavis and Butthead and The Blue Collar Comedy Tour are hilarious.
Welcome to Coopersville! The only thing worse than the smell is our love for George Bush and lack of diversity!
by NOT_Carver_Claeys January 05, 2013
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