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noun /koon-bustər/
1. A highly specialized class of policemen trained in the art of nigger knocking. Considering that niggers are dangerous wild animals to deal with, the average officer is ill-equipped to effectively subdue these rampant, feral porchmonsters. The utilization of nooses, whips, and job applications are commonplace when Coonbusters are confronted with a troop of aggressive Afro-American apes.
Ripa: "By the Holy Ones, these putrid dark-skins are leeching off our land! How did this black plague come upon us?!"

Vien: "Brother, I believe it's best we call in the Coonbusters. It's our people's only hope."

Ripa: "Your words pacify my anger, brother."

And with that, the homosexual Sangheili couple engaged in intense, blood-riddled intercourse, Ripa laying claim to Vien's unconquered asshole with his barbed, dripping shaft. Both of them howled extensively with pained ecstasy until the Coonbusters arrived to the scene.
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