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The process of quitting an addiction in a method not so extreme as the process of cold turkey. Instead of an intense and sudden stop of said addictive substance, one will lessen the quantity of said substance over a course of non-specified time. Cool turkey enables a person to maintain said addiction whilst also retaining a small percentage of mental/physical dependancy.

Cool turkey in general assists in the process of quitting any kind of addiction. Cool turkey enables the user to set the limits of addiction as long as it is a lesser amount than the previous set goal, or the original amount of usage for starting out.

Cool turkey lessens the effects of withdrawal symptoms for any addiction by easing the process, therefore making this method the penultimate choice for quitting any addiction.
No buddy, I'm going to cool turkey it. I'm going to smoke half a pack a day then a quarter pack a day. Once i can handle that i will decrease to one cigarette a day, and eventually stop smoking all together. It is a lot easier than you think
by Manny Blue March 21, 2011
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