An invisible hat worn by one who is "too cool" to let loose and act like kid again. Hats are typically worn by those who are just entering college and trying to look like a bad ass.
See that guy, standing off to the side, who refuses to play this ice breaker game with us? Man, he needs to take off his cool hat.
by WMU Orientation September 7, 2009
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Goes along with the term cool story bro it is used to catch the said cool stories
Guy1: hey you owe me something
Guy2: what do I owe you
Guy1: a cool story come on put it in the cool story hat
by hijack550 August 6, 2011
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Australian slang

Gold hat: a great idea

Cool cat: a cool, chill person
Person 1: I think we should order pizza tonight. What do you say man?

Person 2: That's a gold hat, cool cat!
by Frederick Burns December 17, 2016
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