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A desert made almost exclusively in Maryland.It gets its name from the two foods that it is a fusion of: the cookie and the omelette. It is a large cookie about the size of a medium sized plate that is cooked in the oven with toppings on it. Common toppings include chocolate chips, raisins, chocolate syrup, nuts, caramel, confectionary sugar, and just about anything you could think of putting on a cookie. after it is cooked, you fold it over like an omelette. You may again add toppings to it as necessary. It can either be eaten taco, cookie, or omelette style. The Cookie Omelette is a common party idea for teenagers in high school as cookie omelette are just that awesome! The creators of this recent desert craze are five high school students from Maryland.
The inventors of the Cookie Omelette (aka the tastiest thing ever) are Nick Wilson, Josh Prucnal, Andrea LastNameHere, and of course the lovely Cosette Delisle.
by BlindSagacity February 21, 2009
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