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Similar to the grammar nazi the convo nazi is found of sites such as facebook, the convo nazi is usually the person who status the converstaion is on. They will tell people to: only talk about things related to the staus, not to talk about a certain subject or not let people even talk (sometimes going so far as to delete the comment)
Convo Nazi Status: Just been to see the new Lindsay Lohan movie!

Guy1: Lindsay Lohan is Hawwt!
Guy2: Not as Hot as Megan Fox in transformers!
Guy1: Yeh Fox is soooo Hawwt have you seen on the new FHM cover??
Guy2:im defo gona get that ... NOWWW!!!!
Convo Nazi:Go take ur convo somewhere else your not talking about that on my wall!
Guy1: why be such a convo nazi?? chillll!
by JBstoner95 October 28, 2010
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