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When you're talking to someone about a topic you've already covered (but don't remember covering) and you find yourself being able to complete each other's thoughts.
friend: You would not believe what happened to me!
guy: What?
Friend: So I was running this morning when all of a sudden the craziest thing happened!
guy: Did you get attacked by a dog??
friend: YEAH! Whoa, did we already talk about this?

guy: Oh yeah we did, just had a moment of conversation déjà vu
by i3247 September 08, 2015
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When a conversation occurs more than once.
Bobby: "So my Aunt has a couch made out of llama."
Billy Bob: "I'm getting conversation deja vu. Didn't you already tell me this?"
by CriptheCripple January 12, 2017
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