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Usually a girl from high school whom you knew was no where near as attractive as she is now because she perfected her makeup game (usually contour makeup)

One who has gotten the laborious contour makeup down to a science and makeup that would take you half an hour to do she can do in 15 minutes. Has an instagram or YouTube account dedicated to her many looks. This person usually has the ability to look like a different person on a daily basis. They can transform like no other.

Because of contour makeup it's fairly easy for an average person to look like they could be a celebrity.
Person 1: "omg remember Pam from high school? She looks totally different now!"

Person 2: "yeah but it's all makeup. She sounds one of those contour queens."


Person 1 "Wow your makeup is so good! How long does it take you?

Person 2: "Only about 15 minutes. Once you get the hang of it you an do It pretty quickly."
by Ranoutofnames123 October 30, 2017
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