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The Context Dude: a dude who's for sure a 6 but registers as a 10 in the context of the 3's and 4's he's surrounded by. The context dude exists in several environments including the classroom, the workplace, and both small and large scale social settings. The context dude is good for many things such as motivating u to look presentable at work or even just making your Monday 8am more bearable. However, when you first encounter the context dude out of context, your entire world may begin to change as you genuinely start question your vision/taste/character/sanity and u might in fact never trust yourself again. So please, keep the context dude in context and don't ruin it for the rest of us. He is probly a good dude, but we like him better in context.
You can always pull a solid context dude at a wedding.

Any good context dudes in that 8am science class?
by Cinnamonster_lol April 22, 2016
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