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Very similar to constructive criticism.

Constructive Rage is rage that is used in order to point out a negative characteristic in someone or something that you would like the perpetrator to alter. Unlike constructive criticism, however, Constructive Rage focuses a lot more on the use of emotive language, and profanities.

Useful in arguments to attach the blame to the other party.

Constructive Rage is usually used for the greater good.
Common formats of Constructive Rage:
"I wish you wouldn't <insert issue at hand>, you're so <expletive><adjective>."
"I wish you wouldn't text me at 2am, you're so fucking annoying."

"You know how <expletive><adjective> you look when you do that, right?"
"You know how fucking stupid you look when you do that, right?"

"<Expletive/blasphemous statement>! You really know that <present tense expletive> me off, don't you? Why the <expletive> do you persist?"
"Jesus Christ!" You really know that fucks me off, don't you? Why the fuck do you persist?"
by The Master of Rage February 03, 2009
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