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Conor Bailey is a God. Those who do not worship him may be thrown to the fiery pits of the Tartarus. He is also very funny and is the best at everything in the world. Conor loves you, but will smite you down and give you a dishonorable death. All followers of Conor hunt either bogan's or gypsy's.
Follower: "Hey man, do you want to go hunt some bogans? I just bought me a new sack of potatoes!"
Random: "What the hell are you goin' on about?"

Follower: "Are you saying that you don't follow Conor Bailey?"
Random: "I got no idea what ya talkin' about mate. Now fuck off before I knock you in the jaw." *Pulls out cigarette and reveals rats-tail*
Follower: "Aha! Iv'e caught you! Aw, your'e fucked cunt!" *Puts bogan in potato sack and beats repeatedly with potatoes*
by TheGodManDo November 18, 2013
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