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pronounced (cohn'd Sheh-rays) with an dignified accent.

1.This phrase is used ambiguously to defer subject of conversation or as an answer a prodding question. the user of this word says "conned cherries" with confidence so that the other person or persons feels an expectation to know what the user means and ends up dumfounded. This technique works becuase it forms a language barrier to divert conflict from yourself. Answering no,no and yes, yes and using very bad english aids to the potency of the conned cherries.
2. can also be used as a code word between conspirators.
1. "Why did you go against protocol?"
"Why Conned Cheries, of course."
"Canned Cherries?? Like the food??"
"No, no CONNED Cherries... you know, conned?"
"Are you saying you were conned into it? Was it Lowski! That rat! I knew he was up to something!"
"Yes, yes."
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by randomglowstick November 23, 2015
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