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A term used to describe a wrong, yet trivial, annoying, and harmless “crime” that is not punishable by law.

A Connecticut crime can be, but is not limited to: budging a person in line, or taking a highly limited item out of another person's shopping cart when there are none left.

Often committed at a local coffee house, farmer's market or other place with a high concentration of trends or wealth, yet it can also extend to any other aspect of life, such as in the supermarket or shopping mall. Person committing the "Connecticut crime" may be "white", as in a "stuff white people like" person. However, needless to say, the Connecticut crime does not have one stereotype of offenders and does not discriminate against victims.

Note: Called Connecticut crime due to its elitist nature and petty, country club-esque stigma
White person waiting in line at the Fair Trade coffee shop: Hey! Not cool man, you just cut in front of me!

Other White person: Did I? Oh I'm sorry, well I'm paying next so I'll just stay here...

Sarah: Excuse me, but I just saw you take that out of my shopping cart and put it into yours...can I have it back? It's the last one left.

Stephanie: No, sorry, it's mine now.

Sarah: Wow, you just committed a severe Connecticut crime...
by The Phantom Kingsly March 01, 2011
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