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Confusinated is a term used to describe someone who is so confused that they appear to be intoxicated, which in some cases they are.

Some signs and symptoms are, but not limited to: rambling; someone who walks up a down escalator;a person who says random things that make no sense; someone who, when inside an elevator, stands right in front of the elevator door and faces the back; someone who doesn't understand how to balance, talk without slurs, and cannot hold eye contact; a person that doesn't know why they woke up in the bed of this creepy weird old man.

The only known cure for a confusinated f*** is a firm, and powerful bitch slap.
(waking up to a naked creepy weird old man right after you buy a new house)
Dude: what the.. why da.. oh my god your naked! Why are you in my bed?
weird old man: I came with the house, you confusinated F***.
by Elite Slipknot Maggot April 09, 2010
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