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A person who confused scopes will use a sniper rifle, but instead of aiming down the scope, or quick scoping, like sniper riffles were made for, they aim down the sights while rapidly moving the left anolog stick every-which-way, resulting in either a one hit kill or a hitmarker, despite the fact a majority of the time the cross hairs miss the target. Then when somebody uses a sniper riffle for what it was meant for and look down the scope or quickscope, the people who confused scope yell at the player who looked down the scope or quick-scoped and scream "I WAS GOING FOR A CONFUSED SCOPE". Confused scopes are a good way to make your friends angry, right after they yell "Make it a nice killcam!".
Demetre- "Make it nice"




Jacob-"It was a confused scope!"

Everyone-"Oh that's okay then."
by poppa dad February 24, 2011
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