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Someone who's both a conformist and a tool. This essentialy means they do whatever it takes to fit in with their idea of what's "cool" (almost always trying to hard and further preventing it)and often let themselves be used and taken advantage of by their "friends". Rather than being a redundant statement, seeing as a conformist and a tool are the same thing to everyone who isn't anal enough to give a shit, the repetition seems to just strengthen the meaning.
Adam:Hey guys! Check out my new {Generic Gangsta Rapper}
T-shirt. Michael bought it for me after I drove him to the concert, paid for his and all his friend's tickets then drove them back to my place where they had a massive party and totally trashed the place. Isn't it cool?

The conformist tool should then be beaten to death by everyone within earshot.
by Shayden March 05, 2008
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