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Somebody, (typically a female, but in rare cases a "homophobe" male) who is so terrified of conflict and desiring of consensus, that they can't say anything that might result in someone thinking negatively about them. Their fear of saying “no” regardless of the truth results in a “life in the closet” and the constant stress of whether they should venture out or continue to live with the internal unrest. Conflict avoiders often times seek a weekly haven, typically religious but occasionally male bonding activities, where they don’t have worry that they might lose a vote if they say something insensitive.
Rick: “Hey Jeff, I don’t feel like spending my own money on tickets to the game – can I have yours?”

Jeff: “Oh sure Rick, you can have one of mine and don’t worry about the money, I’m sure you’re good for $1000 and will pay me back when you can”.

Rick: “Yeah, sure, call the office, and I said I wanted “tickets” as in 4, you dipshit”.

Jeff: “No problem Rick, I really didn’t want to go anyway and my wife would really enjoy me spending the day at home”.

Rick: "what a pussy that "conflict avoider" is. The dipshit just gave me 4 tickets to the game and he can get in line behind the other dummies I'm never paying back."
by majord01 October 15, 2009
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