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The act of "nutting" or ejaculating in a victims eyes and then robbing them blind.

The name is a double-entendre as you literally are "confiscating" a person's money and because it was created by a jewish man named Kahn, who loved to steal shmeckels with his eye-nut technique. Because of Kahn, the name Kahnfiscate the moneys was popularized, sadly mistyping has changed history.

A very common sign of disrespect in the 17th century, however is now resurfacing due to its use in the chorus of the song "black beatles" by Rae Sremmurd.
Black beatles in the city, be back immediately, to confiscate the moneys.

Tim: yo, Kahn. Can you buy dinner?

Kahn: sure, I just confiscated the moneys from this thicc girl.
by Meatorino69 December 05, 2016
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