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A nickname for summertime tourists. Many tourists go to the local ice cream parlors and order ice cream to walk around and annoy the hell out of the residents.
Resident 1: Hey dude, check out those hotties across the street!
Resident 2: Forget it man, they won't be here for long. They're just a cone lickers.
by Gene Gordon September 01, 2009
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Summertime/holiday/weekend tourists passing the time by strolling up and down the street, window shopping, etc. while eating ice cream.
This town will be filled with CONE LICKERS come fourth of July weekend.
by CTap February 07, 2012
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people that buy an ice cream at the local snack bar and drive through car dealerships and annoy the sales people.
doug:hey there is a customer on the lot.
ryan:no there just fucking cone lickers.
doug:everybody is here to buy!get your ass out there!
by super stroke2010 January 06, 2010
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Summertime tourists wandering around town, ice cream cone in hand, complete and utter disregard for anything going on around them. Conelickers have a tendency to cross streets without looking both ways, as well as stopping, in the middle of crossing the street, to take pictures or marvel at scenery.
When driving through town during the summer, be mindful of the wandering conelickers.
by Shaunananananana August 06, 2018
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