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City of about 10,000 residents just north of Grand Rapids, MI. Home to historical landmarks such as Nick Fink's Bar and Brenner's Bait Shop. A large road called West River Dr. runs through it, making it one of only two reasons anybody would be in Comstock Park and not live there. The other is Fifth Third Ballpark, formerly Old Kent Ballpark, and it is home to the West Michigan Whitecaps. Comstock Park has its own complete Public Schooling system, with a nearly 95% regret rate for college-bound graduates of its high school. It also is home to many major business franchises mostly housed on Alpine Ave, which is bordered by an elaborate and modern apartment complex called York Creek. The middle school is called Mill Creek. There's a Mill Creek Tavern. They are proud of their creeks. But the creeks are filled with pee and glass.
Person 1: Imma head into Comstock Park in a minute.

Person 2: Oh really? Can you pick me up some bait and a polar pop?

Person 1: Naw man you'd have to come with, I only have enough money to buy that dimebag.
by GreetingFriends May 03, 2011
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