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Compulsive Shambling, or more colloquially, "C Sham", occurs when an individual is repeatedly deprived of sleep and/or stimulation and proceeds to move around at an incredibly slow and awkward pace with an often fatigued or expressionless face akin to a zombie. The few words they try to speak are usually no more understandable than a loud mumble. Compulsive Shamblers or "Shams" are often spotted at the workplace or at school and generally accomplish no more than amusing those individuals who are equally on the border of CS (Compulsive Shamblification).
Mac: Hey Jamie, have you seen Andrew today? He's looking kinda weird.

Jamie: Ya I know, hes got the Sham today, poor bastard stayed up all night doing an essay.

Andrew: Urm gehr wat?

Jamie: Sorry bro I don't speak Compulsive Shambler...or gibberish.

Andrew: meh urwh Fuack u!

Jamie+Mac: Hahaha
by Deep Wang September 10, 2011
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