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On facebook, when you post a picture or your status and someone leaves a open ended comment, and then you reply with another open ended comment, and before you know it, it's 64 comments later you are NOT talking about the picture anymore and you and this person and going on and on about some random subject, making your conversation completely public and giving you millions of those little notification e-mails that are very annoying.
Person 1 - "OHMYGAWWD your picture is TOTALLY CA-UTE love you beotch LOLZ I miss you wanna chill this weekend or go to a movie xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo <3 *muah*"
Person 2 - "OMG hun, ily2 loooolz im totally down for a hang out or movie, when are you free? I'm free on friday and saturday."
Person 1 - "hm well lets TOTALLY hang friday, wanna invite other people. , TOTAL party tehe.who should we invite,where should we go, blah blah..."
Person 3 - "take this comment conversation to msn for christ sakes."
by Suesworth February 24, 2009
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