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Feral Looking Girls That Wear Way too Much Make Up And Are Obssesed With Fake Hair Extensions That Dont Even Match Their Hair Colour...

This Includes Every Girl At Comet Bay College Except:
Melanie Anderson
Teagan Campbell
Laura Howarth
Courtney Mays
Reine Attherton
Sarah Steeltodde
Romaine Crowhurst
Tamika Howard
Maddy Bone
Chloe Knight

SG Unit
Zoe Perella
Taylah Gibson
Rachel Orrel
Kaycee Walker
Teneale Buttface
Elidh Rands
Jordann :)
Ashley Revell
Abbie Snelling

Beth Jones
Renae Ambrose
Danielle Peebles
Shelby Cary
Claire Dineley
Laura Harrison
Keona ....
Danielle Melville Maine
Kristen Tyull
ashleigh stone
Angela Wooley
If You Not Included Ur A Dog Or I Forget Your Name
..Oi Have You Seen Those Hell Skanky Try Hards That Go To Comet Bay?
..Yerr Those Comet Bay Chicks Are Dog Ugly Whores!
..Yerr Except For A Few Of Them

.. Some Of Them Are HOTT....
by Its Mee Bitch August 31, 2009
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