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Some cool insults that girls should use on guys, hope this helps people!
Well, Here you go 4 great ComeBacks For Girls..

1. If a guy disses you in anyway at all then reply.. "You know i would slap you but i dont wanna make your face look any better"

2. If a guy says to you, why havent i seen you around? Then reply.. Yeah thats why i stopped going.

3. If a guy says something mean about your face then reply with.. You know i feel sorry for you, what are you gonna do for a face when king kong askes for his arse back (Remember say it with sympithy and concern)

4. Again this works for any insult... (Cough Allot and say OH.. NO!) The guy will go what? and you will say "WHY DO I HAVE TO BE ALLERGIC TO DOGS!"

by BarbieeGurlOx April 01, 2009
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