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A man serving in a regular army/usmc/navy/airforce POG/leg unit, in which they stand in the same ranks as women. This occurrence allows these men to sit around during what they consider "deployments" and fuck the women in their unit instead of fight the war at hand. They still receive the same combat pay as the men actually fighting and carrying out combat operations, but sit in a static position banging their fellow unit members. They then return home and pretend to family and bar patrons that they actually serve a purpose in the military.
Any man who mentions serving with women in his unit is a POG/leg, and is guaranteed to have slept with at least one of those women; making him a "combat romeo".

Leg: "Man, I fucked so many bitches on my last deployment. It wasn't even funny."
Operator: "That's great. We ran over one hundred missions, killing eighty five enemy personnel. Which one do you think is going to win the war?"
Leg: "Dawg, I didn't sign up to do dat'."
Operator: "Kill yourself, you POG ass motherfucker."
by 275WatchMan7tre April 21, 2010
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