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When something is creepy, usually involving small children and overweight older men.

Taken from the Colourbond Roofing advert where the father (slightly overweight) is sitting on the outside toilet and the door opens. He then continues to stare at his roof while strange but pleasant music is played in the background. Then the mother and her friend walk outside, joined by the small daughter. As they see the father on the loo, the women gasp and cover the girls eyes, but then the little girl uncovers them to stare at the old man. This is therefore Colourbond Creepy because the little girl wants to look at the old man on the loo.
Person One: Dude, why is that little girl still looking?
Person Two: I donno dude, but that's Colourbond Creepy.
by FINGLEGEND September 19, 2006
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