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A phrase coined by the infamous engineer, Cameron Vant, on March 3rd, 2016 that describes the awkward feeling a driver experiences while entering or immediately after entering a vehicle when coming to the conclusion that the passenger doors did not unlock; especially after repeated attempts to unlock the door, usually remotely. The phrase derives from the feeling a gladiator would experience in a large, audience-filled coliseum after a poor performance; usually a feeling of embarrassment, shame, or stupidity. Often times after such an incident, the passengers would ridicule the drivers actions by use of a sarcastic applaud; similar to a displeased crowd demanding the observing emperor to signal for the gladiator’s death.

The antonym of colossal applause is “chariot’s itch”. See “chariot’s itch”.
Listen guys, I don’t need to hear your “colossal applause”, let's just go.
by camvant June 22, 2018
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