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Located in the best fuckin town in the world, Grand Junction Colorado. Colorado Mesa University (formerly Mesa State) is a place where High Schoolers and College kids don't think its weird to party together, or get high in the desert, or walk down the ever-famous North Avenue into the wee hours of the morning. CMU has the best of everything, babes, parties, and the second most dispensaries in western Colorado. Don't even think about moving to Grand Junction without knowing what a full suspension mountain bike is, or what a double cork rodeo looks like. Yeah, meth and shit is made like candy down there but hey, you don't have to do it. And once you walk into Country Jam, you'll see why the birth rate sky rockets exactly nine months afterwards. Where Chaco's and Air Jordan's are worn equally, CMU doesn't Fuck around.
"Hey man, where do you go to college?"

"Colorado Mesa University. BRO"

"Do you do meth?"

"only once....."
by thorthewarriorking September 20, 2011
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