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A person native to the state of colorado. Uneducated and ignorant, the dipshit enjoys harrassing tourists and pretending that colorado is really that cool. See also hick, moron , asshole. The dipshit is not self-aware enough to realize that not everyone driving down the road wants to be behind a pack of bike riders. The Breckenridge dipshit, is a little more evolved. The type to hand you back your change and the tip jar at the same time. Pride is another symptom of the Colorado dipshit, proud to be dumb.
Heard while Driving down the street with Texas licence plates on, "GO BACK TO TEXAS, GO BACK TO TEXAS, GO BACK TO TEXAS..." ME:"I'M NOT FROM TEXAS,YOU COLORADO DIPSHIT!"
by Guywholiveshere July 17, 2012
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