Literally the masses and/or "the mainstream" of modern society who usually have little to no imagination nor toleration for ANYTHING unconventional. Basically a very Star Trek like BORG comprised of the overall populous, who do what they are told and rarely rock the boat, unless people of financial clout see money to be made in adopting (and eventually killing) something unconventional and/or "alternative" within respective multi media or even societal slogans, that DO end up with the watering down and eventual decimation of an idea and/or product as the collective majority thinks it hip.
If you are one who thinks for yourself, speaks your mind, and more or less goes and does what they want, YOU ARE NOT in the collective majority. ---but your life will be 10 times more difficult to live since you made a choice to be yourself and not parrot the current mantra of your less than imaginative or "self vigilant" society.
by Mercenary X99 November 20, 2011
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