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Franco-Ontarien school, Collège Catholique Mer Bleue (or CCMB) is a shitty high school that’s called a college just to make it sound fancier. The school is run by a principal who has the absolute worst fashion sense (which is probably why the dress code is so strict) and has a thing for rolling her R’s when talking about how cellphones aren’t allowed during exams. Though CCMB is labeled a French school, the students can’t speak French for shit except for that one clique of know-it-alls smartasses in each grade that actually follow the rules. The 7-8 section of the school consists of a bunch of slutty 8th grade girls who take every chance they get to show off cleavage at school and 7th graders who are either 6ft or 4’3. It also comes with all the 2004 popular kids and 12th graders acting like the rule the school by blasting music everywhere in the hallways and yelling at each other while creating mosh pits that will most likely kill someone! An average day consists of a fight between two guys in the atrium and having that one teacher that pulls them apart and somehow ends up getting punched in the face. The school teachers always seize the opportunity to fail every student they can so it can become one of the worst rated schools because of how bad the student’s grades are; mostly because the boys take the time to have a photo shoot in science class by holding up gang signs in front of the tables. If you come to the school for a tournament of some sort, BEWARE!
“Yo I’m going to Collège Catholique Mer Bleue for a volleyball game”
Hah good luck, don’t get seduced by the 8th graders
by Anonymous183748818 August 13, 2019
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