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Colin Pollock is a term for someone who will rock your fucking world in bed. He can and will do anything that will make you moan like a llama. Everything about Colin Pollock screams Best. Orgasm. Ever. It would be smart so sleep with Colin Pollock. If a Colin Pollock ever asks you to sleep with him, the proper answer would be to suck his cock without stopping when ever and where ever he says. After he has been pleasured a sufficient number of times he will return the favor. Think of it like a piggy bank for orgasms; you give him little by little, then once he's full he'll give you everything back at once!
Girl 1: Why are you walking funny?
Girl 2: I slept with Colin Pollock.
Girl 1: Ohmigosh, I'd ask how it was but I already know.
Girl 3 Chimes in: I had to lay in a body cast for three years because I slept with Colin Pollock. I wouldn't change that for the world.
by Titorio April 08, 2011
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