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St. Louis Cardinal's center fielder. # 28
Not Kobe, as some idiotic people seem to think.
Colby, C O L B Y

By far the sexiest baseball player in the MLB.
Not only is he dead sexy but he can hit the hell out of a ball (especially in a clutch situation) field great, and is known as a 'speed demon' on the bases. He's got Rookie of the Year written all over him and has a lot of potential
still waiting to come out. Keep your eyes on him. Trust me
you'll like what you see. And lastly anyone who's gotten to hit that is one lucky bitch.

Do Work Colby, You're a beast!
"Hey did you see that walk-off homerun last night?"

"Hell yeah, my boy Colby Rasmus hit it."

"Yeah, he's so damn sexy!"

"True dat, God bless his parents for making him so damn good looking."
by Jessie is awesome September 13, 2009
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