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Usually not a barista but office staff with to much extracurricular activities who follow all available coffee training rather than doing the work they were hired to do. After becoming coffee ambassador they will spend even less time working. It was intended for promoting coffee but usually these coffee ambassadors feel that they are better than anybody else. They are the kind of person that will tell somebody who drinks gourmet coffee that they are wrong because it is not roasted the Starbucks way or to tell a barista that he or she is doing his or her work the wrong way. Usually wears blinders and can not see things any other way than their own way. Despised by people who make coffee for a living and consider a parasite and a coffee tourist rather than a professional
The coffee ambassador refused to admit to the gourmet coffee drinker that there are coffees that taste better that Starbucks coffee. She even defended the taste of Pike Place roast without ever drinking it herself.
by Howard Schultz August 15, 2008
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