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1. Somebody who walks coffee from location to location to berate or encumber otherwise productive employees.

2. Management employee who enjoys harassing subordinates while drinking a caffeinated beverage.

3. An individual that derives gratification from irritating \ intimidating others (usually about their inability to make function non-standard hardware and software).
Jay is quite the coffee walker. Our IT Program Director has a real talent for Coffee Walking.
by WCSikes August 08, 2006
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Retail Employee Slang for:

Those who've just bought their Starbucks or Coffee Bean coffee and have nothing better to do in the mornings or later evenings (usually 10 minutes before store closing) than walk into a retail store and buy nothing but mess up everything.
Nope- not a single sale -- just 'coffee-walkers'.

It's a beautiful beach day today... why are you here?

You came for coffee and intend to buy nothing -- don't you have a barbecue or something to attend?

Really -- it's 7:50pm and we all know that you're just browsing with no intention of buying and i'm not in the mood for cleaning up after you! .... 'you touchie, you buy'.
by SaveTheElephants May 19, 2015
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