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1) An attractive guy that chicks digg & also ask what that mouth do.

2) Cody womack is a person who is funny. He is very fun to be around on the outside, but he faces many difficulties in life on the inside. He likes to joke around, but tends to do it a little too often. He is a loyal friend who likes to talk and is usually friendly to the new people he meets. He's usually a boss at school and tends to make fun of people in a good way. Finding cody is very rare, but they are definitely worth keeping.
Girl 1 - omg, did you like, see that cute guy at the mall today?

Girl 2 - omg girlfriend, he was like, such a cody Womack!!

Cody womack: what that mouth do girl
Girl: what do you want it to do cody womack?

Man, that guy is such a Cody womack

That Cody womack connects great with Olivia.

I wish I knew a Codyw womack
by Kid_Kissami December 22, 2016
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