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A person with an uncontrollable urge to mention the Call Of Duty series on all corners of the internet and even most plain's of existence. Cod Haters are often times more annoying than the fans of the series bringing up Cod on videos, forums, etc, comparing cod to completely unrelated video games, for example, Fallout 3, Guild Wars, Skyrim, Metro 2033, Pong, Flower, and every other video game video on youtube.
This is an actual comment thread on the metro 2033 review by Gamespot.

commenter#1 Lol what a retard.
Commenter #2 If you do not wanna look like a retard what are you responding about? Don't just say "Lol what a retard".
Commenter #1 But you are mate.
Your comment is completlly retarded and makes no sense,so how do I reply?

You don't try to reason with a guy that comes up to you and starts talking crazy shit now do you?

You're being ignorat for posting that comment,and thinking that it's posiblle to reply to that piece of shit comment with any sort inteligence or reason.

You deserve none.


commenter #2.Either you are mentally handicapped or just stupid.

2. I was trying to say that Metro 2033 was better than Call of Duty (but of course everything is better than Call of Duty)

3.Please tell me how I am being "Ignorant" you can not be ignorant of a personal opinion about something.

4. Welcome to the internet.

Commenter #1

You're not sharing your opinion you piece of shit,you're just raging on a game and IGN for no reason.

THEY DIDN'T MENTION COD IN THIS REVIEW ONCE, but you still leave a comment about it,like a good little troll.

There are a milion people that leave the same exact comment on IGN reviews,and you thinking that anyone gives a shit what you think about Cod makes me laugh you fucking moron. If you dont like cod,dont play it. Simple. Cod haters

Welcome to common sense you piece of shit
by PointMan January 08, 2013
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