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A secret sexual fetish invented by the Masons that was used for them to be able to pass ideas to each other under the noses of the Catholic church.

It involves jizzing on a table, flattening the jizz out in a perpendicular bar, then shitting on said jizz, flattening that out so it looks like a chocolate bar, and wrapping it inside a Gertrude-Hawks chocolate factory package. (Kind of like a Boston Pancake except this one actually has historic value)
The resultant product can be sold to freshmen for a dollar a piece.
I wonder if those kids know that a Coconut custard is an antient Masonic ritual.

My girlfriend was misbehaving so I whacked her with a coconut custard to straighten out her behaviour.

I dropped my Gertrude Hawks chocolate bar on the floor, and as I bent over to pick it up I accidentally jizzed and shat and then I couldn't tell which was the chocolate bar.
by crunkjesus October 04, 2009
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