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In reference to Ice-T's H.A.M. of a wife.

Do prostitutes look at you and say Damn?
Is your wardrobe 50% spandex?
Are 50% of your shoes 4 inches or higher and have clear heels?
On your myspace page do all of your pictures show yo' booty in the air or titties out for all to see?
Do your man wear gators?
In pictures do yours and your mans outfits match?
Do you call your man "Baby Poo"? Does he call you "Bitch, get over here!"
Do your sons friends want to "hit that"?
Do you still line your lips?
Do people side-eye you and say "Jesus take the wheel"?
Do you wear white jeans year round?
Do you even own flat shoes?
Do the folks at Planned Parenthood use your photo when explaining to young ho's in training what not to wear in order to avoid UTI's and yeast infections?
Do you constantly have Camel Toe or Moose Knuckle?
Do you refer to your man as my nigga?
Is your man on parole?
Have you stopped seeing your family becuase your man can't leave the county?
Is his real name Tron or Lysol?
Have you seen more knives then a Benihnana?
Are you considering ass implants?
Do pannies clash with your outfit?

If this sounds like you then grab the champagne and pour it on yourself, because you you have achieved COCO STATUS! It's a celebration bitches!
Erin: Damn! You see 'ol girl crossing the street.

Dee: Is she wearing clear heels at 8am?

Erin: And the bitch got on white stretch pants pulled up to her ribs...with a belt.

Dee: I straight up see moose knuckle.

Erin: That bitch has definately achieved Coco Status.
by Dee N Erin July 29, 2008
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