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Infamous professional wrestler and current Ultimate Fighting brawler in the UFC senior circuit, Mr. Khourey became well-known for one of his finishing moves.

This is how it works: When two wrestlers are laying in the ground locked in intense mortal combat, a crafty opportunist can reach around his opponent's back-side and thrust his fore-arm at his opponent's tail-bone (and graze his opponent's nether regions in the process). If executed properly, this causes great pain and feelings of sexual confusion to the victim, and usually leads to a pin. Outlawed in collegiate wrestling, this move has been used by notoriously "dirty" wrestlers/heals such as The Iron Sheik or Big Daddy Duker.

Referred to as the "the Coco Khourey Maneuver," or if you are into brevity, just, "the Coco Khourey."

As Mr. Khoury's career fades into oblivion, his name and reputation live on through the maneuver he poineered.
Check that guy's oil- Coco Khourey-style!

Big Daddy Dooshbag gave Nimesh the Coco Khourey- and it was all over after that.
by NVA Barry April 27, 2006
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