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Manual sexual activity in which the female partner uses her hand or hands to masturbate her male partner to orgasm. This method of relief is often used to avoid or delay sexual intercourse, either to preserve virginity or for other reasons - e.g. environment, the need for haste, menstruation, or as an occasional alternative to other sexual activities. Lubrication is essential for mutual comfort; the most commonly used substance is saliva.

The term derives from the actions of an enthusiastic barman in a cocktail bar, shaking the cocktail mixer vigorously up and down to combine the spirits and mixers and to partially crush the ice.
Harmony: "When the movie starts, shall we open the popcorn, or do you want to get close?"

Roger: "Let's open the popcorn and maybe you can give me a cocktail shaker after the credits at the end?"

Harmony: "You mean you'd rather watch the movie instead of getting close?"

Roger: "If I have a cocktail shaker too early your blouse is likely to get damp again and you'll want to go home and change!"

Harmony: "It's OK I have a small towel and some wipes in my bag this time."

Roger: "OK baby but can we have the popcorn first?"
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by Katie4eyes May 04, 2018
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