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A maniacal sexual maneuver in which the female (assuming it is a heterosexual relationship) lathers her bosom with a flavored popsicle of her choosing. Once the popsicle has been fully applied, the male performs a common sexual act known as the "titty-fuck" whilst simultaneously thrusting a lollipop in and out of the female's vagina.
Mark's infatuation with the Cocksicle Lollipop Fuck Slide caused Beatrice to have multiple yeast infections and congenital rash outbreaks on her chest area.

Doctors warned Beatrice that continual practice of the Cocksicle Lollipop Fuck Slide could lead to other types of fungi related to yeast infections to result in an untimely and gruesome death.

*Ironically, physicians have concluded that the Cocksicle Lollipop Fuck Slide is in no way detrimental to a man's health.
by r2kjowens August 25, 2009
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